What is Procurement League ?

It is a professional community for all with passion for excellence in Procurement and Supply Chain.

The League creates a dedicated space where its members can openly collaborate. The League thrives with the active participation via thoughtful interactions.

In the League, early adopters and disruptors introduce and validate ideas through crowdsourcing.

It is an incubator and a showcase of talent, experiences and capabilities, which, soon the hiring community will be able to leverage.

Procurement League will continue introducing new tools to benefit its members, including an upcoming platform to source ideas, innovation and solutions.

Who is the League for?

Procurement League is global, inclusive, and diverse

Procurement League welcomes all.
Are you...

  • Working in or with the function?
  • Setting up procurement in your company?
  • A supplier or consultant?
  • A decision-maker?
  • At a university supply chain program?
  • Looking for talent or just interested in learning more from the best?

In the League, you will find all levels of experience; from early career stages to senior industry leaders. You will find students, professors, those in the workforce, those between jobs, as well as seasoned retired professionals.

Our Values

Within the League all of us...
  • Contribute openly, thoughtfully, and frequently.
  • Collaborate to jointly solve problems.
  • Accelerate innovation and create value.
  • Exhibit diversity of thought.
  • Engage with respect, empathy and consideration for others.
  • Demonstrate trust and professionalism.

Within the League we do not...
  • Disclose confidential information.
  • Share posts of social nature or interact too casually.
  • Treat members as sales prospects.
  • Post content irrelevant to the community.
See Terms of Service for more details.