Personally, I have the priviledge in experiencing the evolution of procurement, both organistional and new tech. From Supplies to Purchasing to Supply Chain. From Minimac to EMA3000 to SAP R3. Yes, I have handwritten purchase orders and contracts. Today, my buyers still have lots of keyboard work but churns out better quality and consistent POs. From the days of CompuServe, I have preached the ...need and use of data in procurement. Savings, new sources etc etc.. it has paid off big time. Today, almost everything is transparent which is good so long as we keep taps of what and who can look at and use it. Most procurement organisation I came across are now very business driven, engaging users and project teams and speaking along the same line. Embrace new technology amd never stop learning to be ahead. I'd love being Tony Stark for procurement. Sigh... wishful thinking.. Show more