Interesting question - but that in itself raises the essence of innovation, of technology - and how these are aligned with supply chain outcome. On a direct tangible and reflective outcomes, the world has been leaned out to bring emerging nations, competitively placed unknown elements, known barriers and bringing out potential improvements in existing known elements. It has also brought agility to...decision making, brought efficiency to the speed of supply chain - and elevated the effectiveness of Supply chain in specific relevant areas. As a nut shell, the Sourcing and Demand patterns are better positioned, the process of allocating and fulflling demands is become agile and driving factors such as Time, Cost, Life cycle, etc have become relevantly visible. The confidence to step out and look at innovations and the way towards challenging best practices is becoming a fascinating reality, Having said, does every step of innovation and technology leads to better outcomes - its not something that is a complete factual statement. The Supply profession(als) still have a lot to engage, engineer and empower themselves as well as the processes to ensure the potentials identified are now achieved. Show more