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Eram Naz

Supply Chain Intern, SF Motors

Procurement league is an awesome platform to connect and talk with like-minded professionals. In today’s world when most of the information is available online at the convenience of a click, procurement league differentiates itself from other such online sources of information in a way that you can interact with an actual person and learn from someone who has worked in that area for long. You can learn from their mistakes and their challenges. This will not only help individuals to connect with each other but also create a platform for businesses in different cultural and social setups to learn from each other. Procurement league was really helpful for me when I was looking for a summer job. I posted my questions and answers on its amazing platform and could instantly connect to the right group of professionals. These relationships helped me focus my search in the right direction.



Procurement has to ride the wave of the supply chain. The supply chain is recognized in every industry as a value-driver. I think many are still trying to understand how to derive that value?



When I first worked for IMF at Washington DC - we had to change the way procurement occurred around the delivery of proposal responses and the difficulties around that issue.



The best strategy for recent graduates in procurement and supply chain is a combination of formal training coupled with effective on-boarding and mentoring.


Dr. Rohit Singh

I have not see anything such as Procurement League. It is ground-breaking as it helps students transition from university into their career phase.



For those already in the procurement field, we look at leaders to spend time developing others. Having a formal or informal mentorship program has a big impact!



Procurement folks are the unsung heroes of any organisation. Thanks Rajiv Gupta for making me part of the Procurement League. Procurement League gets you thinking. Answers from fellow 'procuremedic' are practical, less of the book version. Whether a newbie or seasoned, you can expect quick response and logic answers that most have been taken for granted.