Hi Leaguers! Gear up for your first procurement challenge. Let's see how many of you get it right. From the given list identify the direct and indirect spend. Share your answers in the comments. 

Clock is ticking, challenge will expire in 30 Hours.

  • Cost of sewing machines owned by a clothing manufacturer.
  • Cost of hiring PR for the company
  • Cost of purchasing print ads
  • HVAC Maintenance Cost
  • Cost of plumbing
  • Cost of shipping a product to an outside lab for testing
  • Cost of hiring an employee
  • Cost of legal services for the company
  • Cost of hiring an advertising firm
  • Cost of Quality Check
  • Cost of purchasing on-air ads
  • Maintenance Cost of Business Facility
  • Pest Control Cost
  • Cost of traveling from office to client's office
  • Cost of designing the print material for the label of the product
  • Price of Plastics 
  • Price of Fabrics for the Fashion Designing Industry
  • Cost of translating information into multiple languages and fabricating the material itself for the Product Description/Label
  • Price of clothing to be sold at retail.
  • Cost of printers owned by publishing companies
  • Housekeeping Services Cost
  • Electricity Bill
  • Price of Leather for Shoe Manufacturing Company
  • Cost of printing the instruction manual of the product
  • Employee Training
  • Cost of managing data
  • Pens
  • Cost of ERP software
  • Cost of Testing of Final Products
  • Price of Metal
  • Cost of cab facilities provided to employees
  • Cost of hiring an outside consultant
  • Sticky Notes
  • Internet Bill
  • Maintenance of Alarm And Security Systems
  • Cost of the mouse for the computer used by an accountant
  • Cost of hiring an IT Firm
  • Cost of transporting items to Warehouse.
  • Cost of power tools owned by a construction company
  • Cost of Contract Manufacturing

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