Interview headlines Hamza Kamal shares his experience.

Lakshita Boora

Hamza, you have progressed from handling sales and stores to becoming a category manager. How did you manage this progression?

It starts with an attitude that you bring to your work; every day is a challenge. It does not matter what role you are in. While working in stores, I always had a sense of responsibility within my role. I still remember my first day of packing boxes. Someone looking from the outside can only think of boxes being transferred, but for me, it was the contribution towards patient care. That effort, if looked deeply, can prove that my role was very crucial. There is learning in everything, so I made the most of the opportunity of working in stores by building on a strong foundation of principles of the supply chain, inventory, materials management, and order.

Secondly, I had a vision when I migrated to Australia. Having a view is essential, if you set your vision straight, you can achieve anything in life. My vision was to work at a big organization one day, so when I started working for Alfred, I ticked one part of it. The next goal was to be in a role that could challenge my abilities, and the role of category management completed that. I also believe in getting the right advice. I listened to people who were doing great in their jobs, and took advantage of any help that can assist me in getting to where I am at the moment. I represented my department in the Finance Forum by discussing “how we have improved efficiency within our department”.

It gave me the confidence to speak in front of a big crowd. I worked hard for it. My management trusted me to represent the department so there was a lot at stake and I had to give everything I had learned in it. In addition, I completed courses like Category Management, Contract Management, Effective business writing to familiarise myself on how I can use those resources at work. I made notes on things I can use from the principles of Category Management and utilise them in every project. It does not matter where you are; if you work hard and learn every day, anything is possible!

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